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This 500 Kronur comes from the 1100th 874-1974 Anniversary of the settlement of Iceland comm.... 1974 Iceland
An interesting error I got when I purchased a bulk of old Irish coinage. As a matter of fact I... 1968 Ireland
This 1,000 Kronur comes from the 1100th 874-1974 Anniversary of the settlement of Iceland comm.... 1974 Iceland
1806 XF/AU Farthing with die crack between the first I in George III. Also some metal bead like... 1806 Ireland
1974 Winnipeg specimen silver dollar. This coin also comes comprised in nickel. 1974 Canada
1966 silver 10 shilling. These coins were in circulation for one year. Thousands were melted... 1966 Ireland
1822 Hibernia George IV Penney. Still had nice luster with hints of blue toning around the rim. 1822 Ireland
A beautiful bronze East Africa 10 cent piece. Some excellent luster on this one! 1952 East Africa
2000 Leif Ericson Millennium silver proof 1000 Kronors. This coin was struck at the U.S. Mint. 2000 Iceland
Actually this is Reunion Island but Madagascar was as close as the country box would allow.... 1955 Madagascar
This 2 Francs from Belgium was coinage used during the U.S. occupation during WWII. It is struck... 1944 Belgium
This coin is a proof striking of the 1988 50 pence coin which was issued to comemorate the 1000th... 1988 Ireland
Gen. MacArthur silver fifty Centavos struck at the San Francisco mint. An awesome coin! 1947 Philippines
Silver bank token 1813 Uncirculated. Finding one of these even close to this grade is becoming a... 1813 Ireland
silver one pound,or one punt,coin. issued as a proof piedfort coin, twice the normal weight, and... 2000 Ireland
Another Gen. MacArthur coin. A silver one Peso also struck at the San Francisco Mint. Nice luster... 1947 Philippines
1689 Gun money Shilling.Following his abdication in England, James spend some time in France and... 1689 Ireland
1970 Manitoba specimen nickel dollar. 1970 Canada
1822 Ha'penny I also have its mate a 1822 Penny in this collection. 1822 Ireland
1966 Ireland
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