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1988 £1, usual worn grade 1988 United Kingdom
1937 EF halfpenny 1937 United Kingdom
1836/5 Halfcrown, worn grade, but clear details 1836 United Kingdom
corroded farthing possibly 1672 1672 United Kingdom
1699 Halfpenny, single unbarred A in Britannia, possbily R over B 1699 United Kingdom
ow grade 1856 shiling with unbarred A's in Gratia and Britannia, due to die wear probably and a... 1856 United Kingdom
1806 farthing fair grade 1806 United Kingdom
Edward II penny, a few parts missing sadly 1315 United Kingdom
Hammered penny, possibly Henry VI but could easily be Anything from IV- Richard III 2 crosses at... 1422 United Kingdom
low grade charlses I halfgroat, obverse weak strike, mintmark possibly crown 1635 United Kingdom
1956 halfpenny 1956 United Kingdom
nice 1932 farthing, faint lustre in the legend, EF condition 1932 United Kingdom
1916 shilling in EF, few scratches in the field on Obverse and light wear to the Moustache 1916 United Kingdom
a superb Bath botanical garden halfpenny token. 1794 United Kingdom
unknown date, victorian 3D YH carved reverse as a love token 1850 United Kingdom
Edward IV penny, yourk mint possibly Archbishop Rotherham 1480 United Kingdom
a Fine 1700 Halfpenny, possible overstrike on the S in Tertivs and R in BRITANNIA mayble... 1700 United Kingdom
1790 spade guinea token low grade 1790 United Kingdom
1951 proof crown 1951 United Kingdom
rare 1701 halfpenny with A's for V's on Obverse and inverted V's for A's on Reverse, large 0 in... 1701 United Kingdom
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