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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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Rare B over R 1862 halfpenny F grade 1862 United Kingdom
1818 E.M 2 kopek, VF grade 1818 Russia
1898 3 pence, fair grade 1898 United Kingdom
a Geroge I farthing, badly corroded, date more then likely 1719 1719 United Kingdom
EF 1895 Young Head farthing, scarce 1895 United Kingdom
low grade bent richmond farthing 1625 United Kingdom
1942 fine cent, possible spread on the 2, hard to say with the couration along the date and the... 1942 USA
jubilee head 1888 sixpence, obverse seems very worn, holed too 1888 United Kingdom
VF+ 1925 farthing, nice details but wear obvious on raised parts 1925 United Kingdom
EF 1926 farthing, no lustre but enough detail remains for the grade 1926 United Kingdom
EF 1939 farthing, better details on the hair then the others, some scratches in that area and a... 1939 United Kingdom
1944 halfpenny, VF grade 1944 United Kingdom
1697 halfpenny, low grade but weak strike assists the low grade. 1697 United Kingdom
1863 penny, worn. 1863 United Kingdom
1863 penny Fair grade 1863 United Kingdom
C 1697 sixpence counterfeit of the time. 1697 United Kingdom
1754 farthing with great details, however it is bent 1754 United Kingdom
1873 penny, fair grade 1873 United Kingdom
1918 penny VF 1918 United Kingdom
1861 penny, 4+D, first 1 appears to be broken 1861 United Kingdom