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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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a 1983 penny in lustrous condition, note the new reverse which was used from 1982 1983 United Kingdom
nice colouration on this 1983 cent 1983 USA
practially uncirculated, fairly weak date strike and reverse legend inside too 1983 USA
another as struck D cent, couple of black marks on the reverse lets it down 1983 USA
interesting value of 2.50 on this and in decent condition 1983 Portugal
interesting hook shape over the 9 good condition and lustrous 1983 USA
lump on the bottom of the reverse, other then that a normal 1983 D cent 1983 USA
bright EF 1983 1/2 franc from france 1983 France
nice 5 schilling, lustrous on obverse, not on reverse but a good condition 1983 Austria
nice 1983 D 1 mark, nice condition 1983 Germany
5 cents netherlands EF, some lustre and toning 1983 Netherlands
proof rouble 1983, very nice coin, my first russian proof 1983 Russia
100 pesteas, written in spanish rather then numerals 1983 Spain
1983 25 pesetas, boring design, but that exact date 1983 Spain
EF weak strike obverse 5 millime from tunisa 1983 Tunisia
goregeous 1/2 franc 1983 great details AUNC 1983 France
EF full lustre 1983 5 cents 1983 South Africa
1983 50 pesetas 1983 Spain
decent grade 10p from the flakland islands 1983 Falkland Islands
1983 10 Pfennig, East Germany 1983 Germany