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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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1990 D quarter doller EF grade 1990 USA
1990 gibralter 5 pence VF 1990 Gibraltar
1990 EF 100 drachma 1990 Greece
1989 United Kingdom
very nice 1989 10 cents, great detail. lustre faded 1989 Bahamas
almost full lustre 1989 2p only a small b it of wear 1989 United Kingdom
500 liras from turkey fairly good condition 1989 Turkey
gorgeous UNC 5 pesetas from 1989, bit of a mark on the reverse and some dirt. 1989 Spain
interesting 9 in 89, it stops level with the middle of the 8 (not hooking around) instead there... 1989 USA
nice red lustre, not full but has a nice effect 1989 USA
EF 1989 20 centimes good bright coin 1989 France
EF 10 ore, not really much to say, design is very simple 1989 Norway
10 grochen EF no sign of the usual scuffing and coin is bright 1989 Austria
nice 1989 D 2 pfennig, good lustre remains 1989 Germany
1989 F EF bright lustre, definatly seen circulation as it has plenty of scratches, bad photo of... 1989 Germany
UNC 1989 D 2 marks, not a scratch, few marking on the coin, other then that it looks like its... 1989 Germany
1989 5 cents good lustre, some dirt on the coin 1989 Netherlands
worn dye for reverse AUNC 10 drachmas 1989 Greece
high grade 1989 2p 1989 United Kingdom
1 penny high grade 1989 1989 United Kingdom