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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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nice 1988 coin from new zealand, in VF 1988 New Zealand
EF 1/4 of a shilling from 1957, 2 million minted but this one is in a nice condition 1957 Jersey
1930 10 centimes, 22,146,000 minted, nice colouration. 1930 France
1945 10 cents from east africa, looks VF, but has edge knock 1945 East Africa
nice 1946 B franc, still good detail on obverse 1946 France
1949 B 5 francs, some scuffs but lustre traces 1949 France
1 cash Ch'ien Lung, Board of Revenue Mint, not a bad looking piece, all is readable with wear not... 1735 China
gorgeous, lustrous EF 25 ore, with a bad metal mix, as this was the first cupro nickel issue. 1947 Denmark
1 sucre 1946, rather worn, but main details are readable 1946 Ecuador
EF 25 centavos from brazil 2001 Brazil
1,680,000 minted, not in the best condition but a hard to get irish coin 1933 Ireland
AUNC 50 pesetas from the 82' world cup design coins 1980 Spain
AUNC DDR 1 pfennig A mintmark, gorgeous coin 1948 Germany
AUNC/UNC 1941 1/10 guilder, goregous coin made from silver (last year as such) minted by the USA... 1941 Indonesia
1984 5 franc in EF 1984 French Polynesia
VF 1951 20 grochen, not a coin minted every year (only 3 dates for this design i believe, i love... 1951 Austria
lustrous 1981 P dime, P seems a very thick strike, lower part of the obverse seems weaker. 1981 USA
EF and lustrous 1917 10 centimes, beutiful looking coin in this state, first year of the design... 1917 France
VF, reverse toned yellow. 1921 France
1921 25 centimes in fine this time 1921 France