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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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VF grade 1939 penny 1939 United Kingdom
very worn 1861 penny 1861 United Kingdom
1980 medal 100th anniversary of an energy company 1980 Exonumia Europe
undated Eton college attendance medal 0 Exonumia Europe
1820/19? E.M 2 kopeck decent grade, with some damage 1820 Russia
VF 1811 E.M 2 Kopeck 1811 Russia
superb Schilling of Livonia from 1621 1621 Latvia
1531 dated Danzig schilling in fair 1531 Poland
1731 denga overstruck on an earlier coin. 1731 Russia
very worn 1692 1/24 thaler, German States-Saxony, Johann Georg IV 1692 Germany
low grade solidus, cut in half, date unidentifiable 1632 Latvia
Riga solidus, off centre struck, low grade and date missing 1632 Latvia
Christina solidus, corroded near date so another one undated. 1632 Latvia
Riga Solidus, possibly 1650, low grade 1650 Latvia
a nice example of a Riga Solidus of Christina, however the date is off the edge. 1632 Latvia
unidentified hammered coin possibly Riga 0 Latvia
undated Solidus from c1632-54 1632 Latvia
1924 bronze french medal R.GRANDHOMME 1924 Exonumia Europe
undated pewter trade token from Elizabeth I 1560 Exonumia Europe
600k mintage 10 centesimi from san marino 1935 San Marino