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I'm a college student (working on my BAE) who has been collecting coins since the age of 9. I prefer the draped bust US coinage and hand hammered world coins the most, but I like just about everything

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1795...I think, the last digit is hard to make out...large cent. Rough shape, but still nice to... 1795 USA
Spanish 4 reale with Portugese crest top of shield. I still have to research this one. The S... 1600 Spain
8 reale PTS (Potosi) Bolivia mint, Assayer P.J. 1808 Charles IIII (carlos/carolus)(26.76g) 1808 Spain
8 reale Zs (Zacatecas) Mexico mint, Assayer R.G. 1821 Ferdinand VII (26.04g) 1821 Spain
8 reale PTS (Potosi) Bolivia mint, Assayer P.J. 1814 Ferdinand VII with graffiti obv. (26.85g) 1814 Spain
1790 VOC 2 duit. 1790 Netherlands
1790 VOC 1 duit. 1790 Netherlands
Colonial era half penny I can't really make much out on the obv. George III 1787 possible Mochin... 1787 United Kingdom
1828 13 star obverse half cent. Center dig above liberty but overall a pretty decent coin. A low... 1828 USA
Russian 50 kopek. This is the first of these I ever owned. It's a neat coin with interesting edge... 1897 Russia
British West Indies. 1822 silver with an interesting anchor motif. I know little about this coin,... 1822 United Kingdom
Ferdinand VII 1 reale of Spain minted in Lima, Peru. I can't get enough of these old beat up... 1812 Spain
This has to be the smallest coin still in production! The cent is for a size comparison. This is... 1987 Panama
1897 Silver Jubilee commen. Sweden 2 kroner. 1897 Sweden
1913 100 years after Napoleons defeat commen. Drei (3) mark. Prussia. This is the sibling of the... 1913 Germany
Russian 5 Kopek. This thing is huge, nearly as large as a period 2pence cartwheel. This has a... 1766 Russia
Albertine Line, 1586, Germany-Saxony EDIT* The stolen one dated 1580 was returned by the... 1586 Germany
A nice looking error wheatback cent. It is struck on a half thin planchet, probably the end of a... 1958 USA
1913 German Zwei (2) mark. Coin has a little toning, but is an overall gem unc. I've always liked... 1913 Germany
George III half penny. One of the nicest of these I own, a pleasing middle grade. This is a... 1775 United Kingdom
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