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Born 05.07.1930 Celtic,Roman,Saxon & Continental copies of Hammered coins are my interests. I enjoy researching unknown coins in the group. At present seeking better examples of Edward I Mints.

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John I (the Victorious) of Brabant, Lothier & Limburg. Sterling copy of Edward I. Chipped 1261 Belgium
Henry III penny class 7b 1278 United Kingdom
James I Sixpence. m.m. Escallop 2.9gms 24mm Third bust. 2nd coinage. 1606 United Kingdom
John of Avesnes Count of Hainaut. Crockard.0.8gms 19mm 1280 France
Gaucher of Chatillon 1312-22, Sterling Copy of Edward I penny Yves, France 1.1gms... 1312 France
Elizabeth I Sixpence 3rd issue mm Coronet 1.8gms 24.6mm 1568 United Kingdom
Henry VIII Penny of York (Archbishop Wolsey)1gm 19.1mm T & W by shield 1514 United Kingdom
Edward IV penny. Light coinage. Second reign 0.4gms 14mm. York mint. Archbishop Neville. 1471 United Kingdom
Charles I Shilling Type 3a No inner circle or CR. Round shield. m.m. Tun 1638 United Kingdom
Elizabeth I Penny mintmark Martlet. No rose or date. 0.45gms 13mm 1560 United Kingdom
Edward I Berwick penny 1.1gms 17.7mm Class 5a 1279 United Kingdom
Henry VI Halfpenny annulet issue of Calais 1422 United Kingdom
Edward I Berwick penny class 5a 0.6gms 16.7mm Lombardic 'N' in 'DNS' 1296 United Kingdom
Penny Edward II Class 12 Plough damaged 1314 United Kingdom
Saxon Styca of Aethelred II of Northumbria. 0.6gms 12.52mm Bronze EDILRED REX LEOFDEXN Moneyer 841 United Kingdom
Henry V Halfpenny of London.0.4gms 12.5mm Broken annulets by crown 1413 United Kingdom
Edward I Dublin Penny 0.9gms 18,5mm 0.9 1272 United Kingdom
Denier of Fulk V of Anjou grandfather of Henry II of England. King of Jerusalem 1131-43 1089 France
William III crown Has been used as a brooch at some point 1696 United Kingdom
Edward I Farthing EDWARDVS REX A Withers 28 10.5 x 12.5mm 0.3gms 1279 United Kingdom
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