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Born 05.07.1930 Celtic,Roman,Saxon & Continental copies of Hammered coins are my interests. I enjoy researching unknown coins in the group. At present seeking better examples of Edward I Mints.

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Crusader Billion Denier of Philip 1 Taranto 1278 Greece
Edward II penny EDWARR ANGL DNS HYB CIV ITAS LON DON Possibly Class 13 Cross Pattee Crown 2.... 1307 United Kingdom
Richard I Penny Class 4a Moneyer Ricard of London 1189 United Kingdom
Henry II ShortCross Penny Class 1a ---CVS.RE X ---AIN.ON.EVERW Alain on Everw(ic) York. 1180 United Kingdom
Edward I Penny Bishop Bec Durham Cross moline mm 1.1gms 17mm Class 6b EDWRANGLDNSHYB CIVI... 1300 United Kingdom
Edward I Penny York Class 9b Episcopal issue. 0.8gms 17mm Pothook 'N's Quatrefoil in... 1299 United Kingdom
Edward I Penny Class 10b London EDWARRANGLDNSHYB CIVI TAS LON DON 1302 United Kingdom
Edward I penny Kingston on Hull Class 9b EDWRANGLDNSHYB VILL'KYNCESTON Flat strike 1272 United Kingdom
Edward I Penny St.Edmundsbury Class 4b EDWR'ANGL'DNSHYB ROBERTDEHADELEIE 1282 United Kingdom
Edward I Silver penny. Chester Mint 1.12gms EDWRANGLDNSHYB CIVI TAS CES TRIE 1299 United Kingdom
Saxon Bronze Styca Northumbria. Civil War issue Retrograde Possibly Aethelred II moneyer Eardwulf 850 United Kingdom
Saxon Bronze Stycas Northumbria Civil War issue. Retrograde 850 United Kingdom
Henry II Short Cross Penny. Class 1b Part Brockage Moneyer Alain of Carlisle 1.3 gms 20 mm 1180 United Kingdom
Edward I Penny. Durham (Royal) mint.Extra pellet in one quadrant of reverse. Class9b 12gms 18mm... 1279 United Kingdom
Edward III Penny Pre-treaty Durham. Bishop Hatfield Crosier on reverse EDWARDVS REX ANGLI... 1361 United Kingdom
Edward I Penny. Berwick-on-Tweed Class 1.Local dies Cross Pattee. Trifoliate crown side... 1296 United Kingdom
Edward I Long Cross Penny of Newcastle. Class 9b 17 mm. 1.1 grams 0.7 dwt 16.8 grains... 1272 United Kingdom
Maximian AE Antoninianus Radiate Bust rt. IMPCMAXIMIANUSPFAVG MLCX below. Killed as offering?... 286 Italy
Edward I Silver Penny. Class 9b. Durham mint Bishop de Insula 1.2gms 17mm Probably local dies. 1272 United Kingdom
Edward I Penny London mint Section cut out Checking for forgeries or heavy strike 1272 United Kingdom
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