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5 rubles. Series 5: Polo. Mintmark LMD. 1980 Russia
5 rubles. Series 5: Gorodki (a type of Soviet sports). Mintmark LMD. 1980 Russia
Czechoslovakia 50kr - 70th Anniversary of Stalin's birth. Odd that Stalin was never featured... 1949 Czech Republic
Czechoslovakia 100kr - 70th Anniversary of Stalin's birth. 1949 Czech Republic
1988 Exonumia Europe
Presentation box of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics coins, which holds 1000 and 100 yen. Note that there... 1964 Japan
Japan 1964 100 yen. Commemorates the Tokyo Olympics held in 1964. This is supposed to be widely... 1964 Japan
Japan 1964 1000 yen. An extremely high denomination silver crown that is minted way over it's... 1964 Japan
Box of Russia 3 ruble silver commemorative - World Children Summit held in New York. Odd that... 1990 Russia
Russia 3 rubles - World Children Summit held in New York. I have not much of an idea of why... 1990 Russia
Russia 1793 EM 5 kopek double struck. Awfully corroded in the first place and so the clean...... 1793 Russia
Russia 1834 10k EM-FH. Massive large copper coin... not nice to have a large change of them... 1834 Russia
Russia 1860 EM(?) 2 kopek. Mintmark is quite worn and I am guessing it's EM. The reverse seems to... 1860 Russia
Russia 1857 EM 5kopeks. Very elaborate design yet kept simple. The reverse seems to be soft... 1857 Russia
Russia 1834 5kopeks EM-FH. Somewhat chocolate color and preserved quite well considering that it... 1834 Russia
Russia 1798 poltina (1/2 ruble) Paul I's poltinas and polpolutinks are known to be very difficult... 1798 Russia
Russia 1993 Palladium 5 rubles uncirculated. Minted by the ex-Leningrad mint or better known as... 1993 Russia
Russia 1800 1 ruble. Worn. Usually when one observes a worn type like this, the I in the middle... 1800 Russia
Russia 1899 50 kopeks. Mintmaster AG. 1899 Russia
Russia 1832 Poltina. A new design after the wings down series. 1832 Russia
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