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Japan 1887 20 sen. Nice condition but seems like it's struck a bit flat on one side. Weight: 5.42g. 1887 Japan
Russia 1815 1 ruble. Weight: 20.36g 1815 Russia
Russia 1990 1 ruble commemorating the 500th birth anniversary of F. Skorinya - for perserving the... 1990 Russia
Australia 1998 5 cents. 1998 Australia
South Korea 1979 1 won. 1979 Korea - South
Russia 1700 denga. Die orientation in coin rotation, i.e. up down. Still in great shape... 1700 Russia
Taiwan 1955 1 jiao. Nice grade. 1955 Taiwan
Japan 1887 half sen. Weakly struck but nice condition!!! Practically UNC. Weight: 3.64g. 1887 Japan
New Zealand 1987 5 cents. Found it circulating in Australia. 1987 New Zealand
Australia 1974 20 cents. 1974 Australia
China Henan Province 1912 20 cash. Struck in yellow copper. Weight: 10.2g. 1912 China
Armenia 1991 1 stak, struck in nickel (nickel-copper?) PROOF. Supposedly some kind of pattern... 1991 Armenia
China 1919 20 cash. Struck in Shanxi province. A bit of planchet flaw. Weight: 10.3g. 1919 China
Australia 2001 Centernary of Federation Series 50 cents - Western Australia. 2001 Australia
US 2002 quarter dollar, commemorating Louisiana, mintmark D. Special thanks to slowly but surely! 2002 USA
Uzbekistan 2002 50 som. Weight: 7.81g 2002 Uzbekistan
South Korea 1994 100 won. 1994 Korea - South
US 2005 quarter dollar, commemorating West Virginia, mintmark D. Special thanks to slowly but... 2005 USA
Finland 1967 20 pennia. Special thanks to Sir Sisu! 1967 Finland
China Hunan Province 1912-19 10 cash. Interesting coin. Weight: 6.44g. 1912 China