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Hi! I am from Sweden and collect error coins from all nations. I have tried to find one error coin from each nation and have more than 250 different states in my collection. You can search for error coins from Your nation in the registry.

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(peoples republic)10 C unplated and plated coin 1969 Ethiopia
1 Agora 50% offcent strike 0 Israel
Sassidinia Silver Dirhem 900 AD "Viking coinage", full brockage 0 Unknown
Persian India silver Drachmer full brockage 0 India
Byzantine, Anonymous, copper Follis Basil and Constantine VIII Sear 1818 double strike 0 Unknown
Roman Cladius copper counter-brockage 0 Italy
Roman Constanius I, copper dramatic doublestrike obverse 0 Italy
Rome Jovian copper full brockage 0 Italy
Rome Constanius, copper nice partial double strike 20%offcent 0 Italy
Rome Constanius II, Follis indent by planchet 0 Italy
Rome Gallienus (253-268)Double strike and indent 0 Italy
Rome Constanius II(355-361) coppercoin offcent and partial brockage 0 Italy
Rome Constantis Gallos coppercoin doublestrike 0 Italy
Roman Diocletian, (284-305)coppercoin, double strike obverse 0 Italy
Roman Gallienus, coppercoin doublestrike obverese 0 Italy
Western Samoa Islands 20 Sene indent by another offcent struck coin! 1967 Samoa
2 Vato double strike on center with 90 degrees rotation between strikes 2002 Vanuatu
1 Dollar with strange line in die 1985 Tuvalu
20 Cents rimcud 2005 Solomon Islands
2 cent curved clip 5% 1967 Samoa
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