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Hi! I am from Sweden and collect error coins from all nations. I have tried to find one error coin from each nation and have more than 250 different states in my collection. You can search for error coins from Your nation in the registry.

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2 Saulus both sides with stars 0 Morocco
Commonwealth 1/4 Rupee clipped planchet 5% and also rimclip 1978 Mauritius
Republic, 20 Cents curved clip (10%) 2003 Mauritius
20 Ouguiya, big curved clip 1999 Mauritania
5 Francs, small die defects 1961 Mali
10 Tambala, curved clip (5%) 1971 Malawi
10 Dirhams, no date uniface struck 0 Libya
5 Dollar, missing colour print (lion) 2000 Liberia
Unstruck planchet 1 sente with struck coin (1985) 0 Lesotho
50 Cents indent by rim from other planchet, looks like a gloria! 1967 Kenya
Mule Ascension/Isle of man, 25 Pence no date (1978) 367 existing 0 Ascension
1 Penny broadstruck 1958 Ghana
1 Penny curved clipped planchet 1966 Gambia
FCFA coinage Gabon, Chad and others,500 Franc double strike and weak strike 0 Gabon
100 Francs missing colour print 1994 Equatorial Guinea
20 Matonas rotaded reverse 300 degrees, weak strike 1931 Ethiopia
10 Millieme, 75% offcent struck 1972 Egypt
20 Piastres, 10% offcent struck 1984 Egypt
100 Franc wrong spelling of "Republique", almost proof quality 1994 Djibouti
5 Makuta curved clip 1967 Congo