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Friedrich A. von Hayek commemorative half ounce silver medal. 1981 USA
ROME (not "Italy") Trajan/Providentia. Rev shows globe on ground with ecliptic and houses of the... 127 Italy
Kyrene (Cyrene) Zeus Ammon and Silphium plant. A natural contraceptive, silphium was harvested... -400 Libya
Struck under the autority of Diogenes of Sinope. Debased (90%) silver drachm. For this crime, he... -400 Greece
Sicily (not Italy), town of SYRACUSE, Arethusa and Cuttlefish (octobus) silver litra (obol) -400 Italy
USSR One Rouble 19.996 grams 0.900 fine. New Economic Policy. 1924 Russia
Thibault III of Champagne. Provins. Obv: TEBALT COMES cross. pellet. omega. pellet. Alpha.... 1197 France
Susan B. Anthony/Apollo XI. Cameo proof. 1980 USA
ANA Heath Literary Award Medals. Bronze 2nd Place for "Sir Isaac Newton: Master and Warden of the... 1996 USA
Henri I of Champagne, Troyes. 0.89 grams. 1152 France
One half franc. (Note not tariffed as 50 rappen. This silver coin was subsidiary coinage, not a... 1945 Switzerland
Modern Greece celebrates its intellectual founders. Left Aristotles; right Demokritos. 1990 Greece
British East India Company, one rupee. Calcutta Mint. 11.66 grams 0.917; local standards, not UK;... 1840 India
Hughes of Champagne. Troyes. Cross w/ Cross; Cross w/ Pellets and Monogram 1089 France
Gallery Mint creations for 2000 ANA convention in Atlanta. 2000 USA
For the Holidays, a one-ounce silver round, "Bah Humbug!" and the Dove of Peave 1980 Exonumia North America