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1977 Bahamas 2 dollars; copper nickel franklin Mint (FM) regular uncirculated (U); reeded edge, 1977 Bahamas
KM-158.3, 1890 Bolivia 10 centavos, CB essayer initials; silver, reeded edge; in nice BU... 1890 Bolivia
Detail for BO90A: Date and essayer initials. 1890 Bolivia
KM-728, 1838 1 and 1/2 pence Great Britain; On these tiny coins grading is extremely hard in part... 1838 United Kingdom
KM-14.3, 1935 South Africa half penny in very fine or slightly better but a rim nick at 3 o'clock. 1935 South Africa
KM-13.1, 1926 South Africa (Dominion) half penny; bronze, plain edge; scarcer issue and year with... 1926 South Africa
KM-13.3, 1933 South Africa half penny; 1933 South Africa
KM-24, 1940 South africa half penny 1940 South Africa
KM-175, Costa Rica 1948 25 centimos; London mint 1948 Costa Rica
KM-42, 1969 Jamaica penny; Centennial coinage; mintage 30,000; unusual alloy of copper nickel and... 1969 Jamaica
KM-41, 1969 Jamaica half penny; centennial coinage; mintage 30,000 1969 Jamaica
KM-817, 1980(90) Spain 5 pesetas; in case you are not familiar with Spanish mint tradition the... 1980 Spain
KM-29.1, 1953 New Zealand half crown; copper-nickel, reeded edge; proof from the set, mintage 7,000 1953 New Zealand
KM-28.1, 1953 New Zealand florin; proof, copper-nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, from the proof... 1953 New Zealand
KM-27.1, 1953 New Zealand proof shilling; 1953 New Zealand
KM-25.1, 1953 New Zealand proof 3 pence 1953 New Zealand
KM-24.1, 1953 new Zealand proof penny 1953 New Zealand
KM-23.1, 1953 new Zealand proof half penny 1953 New Zealand
KM-3, 1896 Zuid-Afrikkansche Republiek (ZAR, South Africa) 3 pence; silver, plain edge; good... 1896 South Africa
KM-4, 1897 Zuid-Afrikkansche Republiek (ZAR) South Africa 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; this one... 1897 South Africa