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KM-Tn2, 1811 Great Britain Bank of England 1 shilling 6 pence token; silver, plain edge; dark... 1811 United Kingdom
KM-Tn5; 1813 Ireland 10 pence bank token; silver, plain edge; good very fine to about extra fine. 1813 Ireland
KM-Tn5, 1813 Ireland 10 pence bank token; silver, plain edge; good very fine, darker toning. 1813 Ireland
KM-160.1, 1873 FE essayer Bolivia boliviano in XF but cleaned condition; usual multiple die... 1873 Bolivia
KM-6, 1888 British Honduras cent; bronze, plain edge; good extra fine to about uncirculated, dark... 1888 Belize
KM-2, 1830 Guernsey 4 doubles; copper, plain edge; good extra fine, dark brown. 1830 Guernsey
KM-6, 1939 Palestine 50 mils in good uncirculated condition with minimum bagmarks. 1939 Palestine
KM-7, 1939 Palestine 100 mils; nice good XF or slightly better but with the rim nick on obverse... 1939 Palestine
KM-134, 1982 Canada dollar, proof like 1982 Canada
KM-30, Jamaica 1938 farthing; nickel-brass, plain edge; bright golden toned red uncirculated,... 1938 Jamaica
KM-5, 1935 Palestine (British mandate) 20 mils; copper-nickel, plain edge; British Mandate issue,... 1935 Palestine
KM-4, 1934 Palestine 10 mils; copper-nickel, plain edge; extra fine or almost, but nice original... 1934 Palestine
1937 Great Britain George VI and Queen Elizabeth coronation medal; while not a coin I felt I'll... 1937 United Kingdom
KM-901, 1955 Great Britain maundy 3 pence; Queen's portret shows up in cameo like highly polished... 1955 United Kingdom
KM-902, Great Britain maundy four pence; this one is quite nice, slightly toned but uncirculated... 1955 United Kingdom
KM-899, 1956 Great Britain maundy two pence; unfortunately someone tried to tidy up a coin that... 1956 United Kingdom
Silver penny 1795 United Kingdom
KM-9, 1911 British East Africa 50 cents; silver, reeded edge; about VF condition with a couple of... 1911 East Africa
KM-857, 1937 Great Britain specimen (proof) crown; silver, reeded edge; taken from the proof set... 1937 United Kingdom
KM-856, 1937 Great Britain speciment (proof) half crown. 1937 United Kingdom
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