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Israel Rotary medal obverse inscription doubling detail. Left is doubled (ILM79D) and right is... 1979 Israel
KM-74, 1979 East Germany (DDR) 20 mark; proof, silver, lettered edge; Gotthold Ephraim Lessing... 1979 Germany
KM-103.1, 1979 Israel 100 lirot, Berne mint, Star of David mint mark on obverse; silver, plain... 1979 Israel
Y#134a.2, 1979 Russia (USSR) rouble; copper-nickel-zinc, lettered edge; proof like from set,... 1979 Russia
KM-76, AH1398(1978) Sudan 5 pounds; proof, silver, reeded edge; bright deep cameo, OAU meeting in... 1978 Sudan
KM-424, Norway no date (struck in 1978) 50 kroner; concave, silver, plain edge; brilliant... 1978 Norway
1978 IGCMC greetings token; extensive inscription reading BRING BACK MY SONS FROM FAR AND MY... 1978 Israel
KM-482, AH1398 (1978) Egypt pound; silver, reeded edge; nice lustrous uncirculated, FAO issue... 1978 Egypt
KM-25b, Israel 1978 5 agorot, Ottawa mint; aluminum, plain edge; that year 5 agorot pieces minted... 1978 Israel
KM-195a, 1978 United States of America 10 cents (dime), San Francisco mint(S mintmark; proof,... 1978 USA
KM-193, 1978 India 10 rupees, Bombay mint (diamond mintmark on reverse); copper-nickel, reeded... 1978 India
KM-11, 1978 Botswana 5 pula; silver, reeded edge; uncirculated specimen with some toning on... 1978 Botswana
KM-434.2, 1978 Mexico 10 centavos; copper-nickel, weakly struck uncirculated coin. 1978 Mexico
KM-77, AH1398(1978) Sudan 10 pounds; proof, silver, reeded edge; also bright deep cameo, some... 1978 Sudan
KM-16, 1978 Malawi 10 kwacha; silver, reeded edge, proof; conservation series, nice one with nice... 1978 Malawi
KM-46b, 1978 Belize cent, Franklin mint; aluminum, scalloped edge, uncirculated finish; nice... 1978 Belize
KM-45, 1978 Belize 10 dollar, Franklin mint; copper-nickel, reeded edge; bright proof like, PCGS... 1978 Belize
KM-480, AH1398 (1978) Egypt pound; silver, weakly reeded edge; NGC graded MS 66, large crown size... 1978 Egypt
KM-23, 1978 Iceland krona; aluminum, reeded edge; white uncirculated, some spotting. 1978 Iceland
KM-TS6, 1978 Equatorial Guinea 10000 ekuele; proof, copper, reeded edge; test strike of the... 1978 Equatorial Guinea