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KM-925, 1981 Great Britain 25 new pence; copper-nickel, reeded edge; average uncirculated, few... 1981 United Kingdom
KM-4, 1981 Madeira 25 escudos; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Madeira autonomy commemorative,... 1981 Madeira Islands
KM-530, AH1402 (1981) Egypt pound; silver, reeded edge; Revolt by Arabi Pasha 100'th anniversary... 1981 Egypt
KM-533, AH1401 (1981) Egypt 5 pounds; proof, silver, reeded edge; International Year of the Child... 1981 Egypt
KM-524, AH1401 (1981) Egypt pound; silver, reeded edge; lightly toned, large half crown sized... 1981 Egypt
Sheqel-194.1, IGCMC-26083270 Israel 1981 medal, 50 years of Institute of Certified Public... 1981 Israel
KM-E9, West African States essai 25 francs; still in the paris mint pocket which I decided to... 1980 West African States
1980 IGCMC greetings token; this one have a peace motif with almost proof like fields, PEACE in... 1980 Israel
KM-817, 1980(90) Spain 5 pesetas; in case you are not familiar with Spanish mint tradition the... 1980 Spain
KM-43, 1980 Azores 25 escudos; copper-nickel, reeded edge; average uncirculated. 1980 Azores
KM-88, 1980 South Africa silver proof rand; springbok on reverse, reeded edge, a bit of hase on... 1980 South Africa
KM-87, 1980 South Africa 50 cents; proof nickel plain edge; reverse shows one of the weld flowers... 1980 South Africa
KM-86, 1980 South Africa 20 cents plain edge nickel proof coin; reverse continues with the... 1980 South Africa
KM-85, 1980 South Africa 10 cents; nickel (again, looks like SA mint did not like copper-nickel... 1980 South Africa
KM-84, 1980 South Africa 5 cents; nickel, plain edge proof, blue crane on reverse 1980 South Africa
KM83, 1980 South Africa proof 2 cents; very nice multi-colored and toned but still gorgeous... 1980 South Africa
KM-82, 1980 South Africa proof cent, reeded edge, bronze, sparrows on reverse 1980 South Africa
KM-81, 1980 South Africa proof 1/2 cent; bronze reeded coin with sparrows on reverse; it is... 1980 South Africa
KM-37, 1980 Belize 50 cents; copper nickel, reeded edge; nice uncirculated 1980 Belize
Y#21, 1980 China 30 yuan; proof, silver, reeded edge; 1980 Lake Placid winter olympics... 1980 China
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