I collect World coins by type, especially interested in African coins.

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Poland, 2 zlote, 2003, Jan Pawel II, 25 lecie Pontyfikatu (25 years of Pope John Paul II)... 2003 Poland
Cuba, 20 centavos, 1971, Al, Patria O Muerte.... 1971 Cuba
Hungary, 3000 forint, 2002, Ag, Bolyai János, 1802-2002, 200th Anniversary of the famous... 2002 Hungary
Iceland, 5 krónur, 1981, Cu-Ni, 24.5mm, 6.5g, Delphinus delphis (Dolphins), Four Defenders of... 1981 Iceland
Portugal, 1 euro cent, 2002, Cu-St.... 2002 Portugal
Cuba, 3 pesos, 1992, Ni-Steel, Patria o Muerte, Ernesto Che Guevara; Republica de Cuba.... 1992 Cuba
Roman Empire, half centenionalis,317, Bronze, 17mm, Constantius II Centenionalis, Soldier... 317 Roman Empire
German Democratic Republic, 10 mark, 1972, Cu-Ni, 31mm, MM: A (Berlin), Buchenwald, Mahn und... 1972 Germany
Canada, 25 cents, 2009, Cindy Klassen, 2006, Queen Elizabeth II. 2009 Canada
French Indo-China, 1 cent, 1923, Bronze, holed.... 1923 Vietnam
Gaznavides, dirhem, called silver Jamini, from Mahmud I (998-1030) 998 Iran
Nigeria, 5 kobo, 1973, Cu-Ni, Cocoa bean.... 1973 Nigeria
Hungary, denár, no date, Ag, King's Portrate, two birds (Storks?), from King István V... 1270 Hungary
Panama, 1 centesimo, 1979, Bronze, Urraca.... 1979 Panama
Algeria, 1 dinar, 1964, Cu-Ni.... 1964 Algeria
North Vietnam, 1 xu, 1958, Al, holed, Ngan Hang Quoc Gia Viet Nam; Nuoc Viet Nam Dan Chu Cong... 1958 Vietnam
Australia, 5 cents, 1981, Cu-Ni, Short-beaked Spiny Ant-eater, Elizabeth II, part of set MS14.... 1981 Australia
Ukraine, Kiev metro token, To Enter the Metropoliten.... 0 Exonumia Europe
Brazil, 1 centavo, 1997.... 1997 Brazil
Hungary, 3000 forints, 2002, Ag, Hortobágy National Park, Hungarian Grey long-horn cattle.... 2002 Hungary