I collect World coins by type, especially interested in African coins.

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Lebanon, 50 livres, 1996, Steel, unusual shape, Cedar tree. 1996 Lebanon
Cuba, 1 peso, 2000, Guamá.... 2000 Cuba
Argentina, 10 pesos, 1977, Al-Bronze, 1777-1977, Admiral G. Brown bicentennial.... 1977 Argentina
Morocco, 1 franc, no date, Ni, 27mm, Empire Cherifien. 1921 Morocco
Czechoslovakia, Replica of the Slovak Janosikov ducat from 1713, both sides are identical.... 1713 Exonumia Europe
Solomon Islands, 10 cents, 1977, Cu-Ni, 23.6mm, 5.65g, Queen Elizabeth II, Sea Spirit 1977 Solomon Islands
Roman Empire, denarius, 196, Ag, Septimius Severus (193-211), L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP VIIII, VOTA... 196 Roman Empire
Sweden, 1 öre, 1962, Bronze, Gustaf VI Adolf, Sveriges Konung.... 1962 Sweden
Republic of Vietnam, 10 dongs, 1970, Ni-Steel, Rice plant. 1970 Vietnam
Mauritius, 20 cents, 1987, Ni-Steel, President Dr the Right Honourable Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam... 1987 Mauritius
Hungary, 2000 forints, 1997, Ag, Old Lake Balaton ships: Helka and Kelén.... 1997 Hungary
Southern Rhodesia, 3 pence, 1951, Ag, King George VI.... 1951 Zimbabwe
Argentina, 10 centavos, 1992, Al-Bronze, En Union y libertad, Republica Argentina.... 1992 Argentina
Cyprus, 20 cents, 1985, Ni-Brass, 27.25mm, 7.75g, Piled Wheatear. 1985 Cyprus
Hungary, denár, no date, Ag, from King Stephan III (III. István, 1162-1172) 1162 Hungary
Tunisia, 1 dinar, 1976, Cu-Ni, FAO, President Habib Bourguiba.... 1976 Tunisia
Canada, Ni, Canada Post, Millennium.... 2000 Exonumia North America
Sierra Leone, 10 cents, 1964, Cu-Ni, cocoa-bean, Sir Milton Margai.... 1964 Sierra Leone
Seychelles, 5 rupees, 1997, Cu-Ni, Coco-de-mer Palm tree... 1997 Seychelles
Cuba, 1 centavo, 2003, Al, Plaza de la Revolucion.... 2003 Cuba