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14Si NOT IN MY COLLECTION. This is a very rare 25-cent-size pattern made in nickel-silicon alloy. 1964 USA
25Mn Because nickel was a scarce strategic metal during World War II, from 1942 to 1945 US 5 cent... 1944 USA
40Zr Fred Zinkann fantasy piece in zirconium, for Argentina Islas Malvinas (UK Falkland Islands)... 2006 Exonumia North America
27Co This piece featuring Pygmies is made of cobalt-plated iron. it has a dark bluish-gray color.... 2005 Cameroon
24Cr Chromium-plated steel Canadian wartime "V" nickel. Morse code inscription around reverse... 1945 Canada
29Cu George III "Cartwheel" two pence, struck in pure copper. Weight 2 oz. Diameter 41mm,... 1797 United Kingdom
30Zn Frederik IX 5 øre struck in zinc. (JM23) 1954 Denmark
82Pb The State of Durango issued Lead coins during the Mexican Revolution. (JM9) 1914 Mexico
79Au St. Gaudens Standing Liberty $20 Double Eagle. The earliest coins, the Lydian trite about... 1927 USA
47Ag Morgan Silver Dollar. Silver has been used in coins since the electrum gold/silver alloy... 1921 USA
46Pd Palladium modern Russian Ballet commemorative (JM14) 1993 Russia
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