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2euro-Normal Circulation 2002 zoe95
1euro- Normal Circulation 2002 zoe95
2euro Commemorative- 50th Anniversary of the Austrian State Treaty(UNC) 2005 zoe95
AUSTRIA~3 Kreuzer 1669. Under Archduke: Leopold Habsburg I. Mint: Breslau (Wroclaw). 1669 Zantetsuken
41Nb Non-circulating bimetallic: silver ring, Niobium center anodized green to represent Neon.... 2008 xphobe
1841 Austria The Duchess of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla Maria Luigia (1815-1847) Medal by Carl... 1841 WWKT
1793 Austria The Order of Queen Maria Louisa Medal by Geronimo Antonio Gil. Silver: 56MM./83.4... 1793 WWKT
1768 Austria Habsburg Maria Theresia (1740-1780) on the wedding of her daughter Archuchess Maria... 1768 WWKT
1745 Austria Maria Theresia On The Restoration Of Peace in Germany after Austrian War of... 1745 WWKT
Austria Graz Styrian Business Association Medal. AE 60MM/78.7gm 1880 WWKT
1888 Austria Maria Theresia & The Shrine of Franz Joseph I Medal by A. Scharff. Bronze: 63.5MM... 1888 WWKT
1809 Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, Austria Friedrich Ferdinand Graf 1809-1886 Prime Minister of... 1809 WWKT
Austria 1000 Kronen. 23 MM./4.6 gm. 1924 WWKT
1890 Austria Holy Roman Emprie Cities in The Habsburg land Vienna Medal by H. Jauner Franz.... 1890 WWKT
1676 Austria Haus Habsburg Leopold I on his 3rd Marriage with Eleonore Magdalene Therese by... 1676 WWKT
1890 Austria Habsberg Sangerbundersfest in Wien Medal by Anton Scharff & Schwertner. Bronze 60MM. 1890 WWKT
1827 Austria The Duchess Berry & the Duke of Bordeaux Medal. Bronze: 51MM./70.81 gms. Obv:... 1827 WWKT
1892 Austria Fieldmarshall Joseph Graf Radetzky V Radetz Medal by A. Schariff. Bronze: 70MM... 1892 WWKT
1907 Austria City of Vienna Mercury & Money Medal presented to Prof. Alios Brhuns engraved by J,... 1907 WWKT
1856 Austria Empire Franz Josef Medal Commemorating the 32nd Assembly of German Natural... 1865 WWKT
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