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1765 Austria Imperial Visit to Innsbruck in connection with the marriage of Archduke Leopold with... 1765 WWKT
1900 o.j. Austria Mount Alpine Medal. Silver: 35MM. Obv: View of Mount Alpine with lake in... 1900 WWKT
1675 Austria Leopard I Graz IAN Double Thaler strunk by Graz mint for Styria. Silver: 58MM./56... 1675 WWKT
1866 Austria Vienna Exhibition Medal by Jauner. Silver: 57MM./87.2 gms. Obv.: Coat of Arm of... 1866 WWKT
1875 Austria Empire of Austria Franz Joseph I (1848-1916) a.d. Erection of the monument to... 1875 WWKT
1877 o j Austria TEGETTHOFF Wilhelm, Frh von 1827-1871 at the unveiling of the Tegetthoff -... 1877 WWKT
1990 o j Austria Empress Elisabeth of Austria Medal. Gilted Silver: 40MM./30 gms. Obv: Protrait... 1990 WWKT
1881 Austria Prince Rudolf & Princess Stephanie of Belgium Marrige Medal by J. Tautenhayn.... 1881 WWKT
1910 Austria Habsburg Franz Joseph 1848-1916 The IV Army Fencing Tournament Medal. Silver... 1910 WWKT
1846 Austria Habsburg Ferdinand I (1835-1848) In the 600-year anniversary of the burial of the... 1946 WWKT
1879 Austria Habsburg Maria Theresa 1740-1780 100th Anniversary of the Reunification of the... 1879 WWKT
1717-1780 Austria Maria Theresa of Habsburg Medal by A. Wideman. Silver 39.68MM Obv: Bust of... 1765 WWKT
1633-1736 Austria at the unveiling of the monument of Prince Eugen in Vienna Medal by Karl... 1865 WWKT
1735 Austria Charles VI Holy Roman Emperor Medal by M. Donner F. Silver: 51.5MM./52.6 gms. Obv:... 1735 WWKT
1767 Austria Habsburg Maria Theresia Holy Roman Emperor On The Recovery of the Empress of The... 1767 WWKT
1736 Austria Marriage of Maria Theresa and Francis Stephen, the future Emperor of Holy Empire... 1736 WWKT
1741 Austria Maria Theresia on the Crowning Achievement in Bratislava Medal by Franz Anton A.... 1741 WWKT
5 corona, 0.9000 silver. crown size 1909 williamallemando
This Maria restrike is an old one, struke between 1850-1900 1780 williamallemando
Maria Theresia 25 shilling silver 1967 williamallemando
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