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Celts, Amorica NW Gaul -50 jlueke
Bronze potin of the Remi. -50 bill
John I (the Victorious) of Brabant, Lothier & Limburg. Sterling copy of Edward I. Chipped 1261 geordie582
A crockard. copy of Edward I. Probably Robert de Bethune ( Flanders ) 1305 geordie582
Copy of English Edward III by William, Count of Namur( an area of Belgium ) Probably pierced by... 1340 geordie582
Lion Gros of Louis de Maele (Louis II) Count of Flanders. 1346 Ian
Flanders, Louis II (Louis De Mâle), Chaise d'or, ND (1346-1384). Fr-163. 4.51g, 29.5mm, Gold.... 1346 HKMAL
1380-1422 Charles VI, France, Ecu D'or. Small dot under the sixteenth letter of the legend on the... 1380 Prestige-Collection
Flanders Under Philip of Burgundy 1384-1404 1384 Peter
Lion Double Gros aka a `botdraeger' of Philip The Bold. Minted for Flanders circa 1400 ad 1400 Ian
Double gros of Philip III (The Good') Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders (1419-67), this coin... 1419 Ian
Gros of Charles I (`The Bold'), Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders. This coin was issued for... 1492 Ian
Flanders. Portrait 1/4 Ducat of Philip II. Low grade, but scarce. 1556 Ian
Brabant. Nice portrait of Philip II of Spain on a silver 1/2 Ducat. 1563 Ian
ANTWERP (MUNICIPAL)~1/8 Daalder 1571. 1571 Zantetsuken
Nice 1587 copper liard from the Brabant, Spanish Netherlands. Nice bust of Philipp II of Spain. 1587 Ian
Tournai. Silver patagon of Albert and Isobella 1598 Ian
1598-1621 silver Patagon from Tournai in the Spanish Netherlands 1598 Ian
Flanders. Half patagon of Albert and Isobella of Spain. ND, but circa 1600's. 1600 Ian
Liard of Ernest of Bavaria 1607 ScottO
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