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Born 05.07.1930 Celtic,Roman,Saxon & Continental copies of Hammered coins are my interests. I enjoy researching unknown coins in the group. At present seeking better examples of Edward I Mints.

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Advertising replica Aethelred penny 2000 United Kingdom
George V Wreath Crown. Reproduction 1934 United Kingdom
Charles II groat 1677 United Kingdom
Henry VII half groat London Profile issue. 1485 United Kingdom
Mary Groat m.m. pomegranate 23.5mm 1.5gms 1553 United Kingdom
Henry VII half groat m.m.Tun 1.2gm 19.2 mm 1498 United Kingdom
Halfgroat Edward IV Canterbury. C on breast for Archbishop Bourchier mm Rose 1gm 17mm clipped 1471 United Kingdom
Celtic Unit Potin Thurrock type. o. head lt. r. Animal lt.sceptre above. Cast 100 United Kingdom
Cut short cross farthing 1154 United Kingdom
Cut 1/2d of John class 4c/5. Either Hernaud on Canterbury or Renaud on Norwich 1199 United Kingdom
Edward III Halfpenny 0.6gms 15mm 1335 United Kingdom
Charles I hammered halfpenny Tower coinage under the King 0.3gms 10mm 1625 United Kingdom
Reproduction Henry VII penny. Museum item 2000 United Kingdom
Reproduction Charles I 20 p Museum item 2000 United Kingdom
John II (the good) Obole Captured by Black Prince. 0.8gm 17mm 1319 France
Centulle IV or V Obole Bearn. 0.8gms 12.3mm o.Cross pellets in 1st & 4th quadrants. CENTULLO... 1012 France
Henry VIII penny mm curved star. Second coinage 0.6gms 13mm. London mint 1526 United Kingdom
Henry VIII penny Second coinage. Bishop Wolsey 13mm 0.5gm Durham m.m. Crescent (72a) 1526 United Kingdom
Portugal Don Joao I 1385-1433 Mint Evora 0.7 gms 14 mm Possibly ¼ Soldos o Shield with E... 1390 Portugal
Edward I new penny 1.3gms 18mm Class 1c with drapery. Nibbled edge 1279 United Kingdom
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