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Hong Hua Tong bao rev Gon.Southern Ming dynasty.25mm diameter.weight 4.6g. 1678 fong
Hong Hua Tong bao.Southern Ming dynasty.22mm diameter.weight 4.1g. 1678 fong
Long Wu Tong Bao rev dot.Southern Ming dynasty.24.5mm Diameter.weight 4.7g. 1645 fong
Long Wu Tong Bao rev Hu.Southern Ming dynasty.24mm Diameter.weight 3.4g. 1645 fong
Long Wu Tong Bao middle dot Wuvariety.Southern Ming dynasty.24mm Diameter.weight 3.3g. 1645 fong
big size variety Xing Chao Tong Bao,Southern Ming dynasty.50mm diameter.weight 25.8g. 1658 fong
Xian Chao Tong Bao 10 cash.South Ming dynasty. 46mm diameter. weight 14g. 1658 fong
Xian Chao Tong Bao 10 cash.South Ming dynasty. 47mm diameter. weight 22g. 1658 fong
Xian Chao Tong Bao 5 cash.South Ming dynasty. 33mm diameter. weight 4.6g. 1658 fong
Northern Sung, Emperor Hui Zong (1101-25 AD), Li script 'Xuen He Yuan Bao' (clockwise reading),... 1119 HKMAL
Da Chao Tong Bao 1217 HKMAL
Info from Krause : Chia Ch'ing. Cash. Cast Brass. ND(1796-1820). Info from Hartill's Cast... 1820 Byrd740
1 Jiao 1999 1999 Tane
High grade Zhi Zheng Tong Bao rev 2,Yuan Dynasty. 28mm diameter.weight 4.2g. 1350 fong
High grade Zhi Da Tong Bao,Yuan Dynasty. 23mm diameter.weight 4.5g. 1310 fong
Rare big size variety Kai Yuan Tong Bao,Southern Tang Dynasty. 26mm diameter.weight 4g. 943 fong
Small words variety Qian ge Yuan bao,Shu dynasty. 23mm diameter.weight 3.2g. 919 fong
1 fen. 1959 henry12
Warring States, Liang state, Flat Handled Spade Money, Square Foot Spades (350-250 BC), Obv.:... -350 HKMAL
THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA TEN CASH, Copper 1920 echizento