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Ch'ing Dynasty 1662-1722.Board of Revenue Mint. 1662 boraxbunny
Western Han Dynasty. 221-118 BC. Pan Liang. 0 boraxbunny
Shao Sheng Yua Pao. Northern Sung. 1094-1097. Grass Script. 1094 boraxbunny
Western Han Dynasty. 221-118 BC. 0 boraxbunny
Han Dynasty. Pan Liang. 179-136 BC. 23mm. 0 boraxbunny
Wu Shu. Sui Dynasty. 118-350. 118 boraxbunny
Chia Yu Tung Dao. 1022-1063. Northern Sung. Orthodox Script. 1022 boraxbunny
Chien Chung Ching Kuo. 1101-1175. Seal Script. 1101 boraxbunny
Chih P'ing Yuan Pao. Northern Sung. 1064-1067. Orthodox Script. 1064 boraxbunny
Shao Sheng Yuan Pao. Northern Sung. 1094-1097. Seal Script. 1094 boraxbunny
Hsi Ning Yuan Bao. Seal Script. 1068 boraxbunny
Zhi Ping Yuan Bao. Northern Sung. Orthodox Script. 1064 boraxbunny
Hsein Feng 1851-1861. 50 Cash 52mm dia 1851 boraxbunny
Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), Emperor Wan Li (translate: Ten thousand calendars), Temple name: Shen... 1573 HKMAL
TA-CH'UAN WU-SHIH (50) 9-23 A.D. 9 boraxbunny
Northern Song Da Guan Tong Bao 10 Cash double obverse 1107 HKMAL
China ~1912 10 cash coin. Struck in Henan province. 1912 gxseries
China 1905 10 cash, struck in Board of Revenue, Peking. 1905 gxseries
China 1906 10 cash. Struck in Hubei province. 1906 gxseries
China 1907 10 cash. Has a bronze look to it. 1907 gxseries