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silver obol circa 400bc from Massalia (marseille), a Phocean colony. Obverse youthful male bust.... -400 Ian
300-250 BC. MASSALIA (Marseilles) Gallo-Greek seaport, SE France River god head Marseilles... -250 De-Orc
Greek Massilia, 200 - 150 B.C., silver Tetrobal. Obv: Artemis with bow and quiver behind her... -175 bill
silver drachm (a la tete cubiste)of the Volques Tectosages, a celtic tribe from the Toulouse... -100 Ian
silver denarius of the Sequani tribe from the Besancon area of France. This coin was minted circa... -100 Ian
Silver drachm of the Volcae (Volques) Tectosages, a tribe from the area of Toulouse. -100 Ian
Potin a la tete chauve et nez longue (bald head and long nose)of the Leuci tribe from Northern... -80 Ian
Silver denier (circa 80 -50 bc) of the Aedui, a celtic tribe from the Lyon area of France. -80 Ian
silver denier of the Allobroges, a celtic tribe in France whose territory was centred in the... -75 Ian
silver quinarius of the Sequani tribe from the Besancon area of France. This small coin minted... -65 Ian
Pictones Tribe. Quinarius. Obv: Diademed female bust left. Rev: Standing, facing warrior with a... -55 bill
-55 bill
Celtic coin of the Parisii. A head, commonly refered to as a skull, on the obverse, a swastika... -50 bill
Bronze coin of the Pictones with Contovtos legend. -40 bill
Bronze coin of the Carnutes region. PIXTILOS Class VIII with Eagle and Temple reverse. -35 bill
Pixtilos Class V. Bearded male obverse. Seated figure left and geometric patterns reverse. -35 bill
Pixtilos Class II. Wolf and Lizard. -35 bill
Obv: Female head facing left, a loop of hair on the nape of the neck, captions in front of the... -35 bill
Obv: Bust of Minerva (?) left, with Celtic neck torc, PIXTILOS. Rev: Lion left, geometic designs... -35 bill
Bronze coin of Pixtilos, Scheers Class X -35 bill
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