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15th c Jetton. +AVTEM.TR-B-EHS IHS in centre crown I-SAVTEM.IBATL-R.ME Cross with Fleur de... 1450 geordie582
TEATINA (MUNICIPAL)~AE Liard 1483-1498. Under King: Charles VIII. 1483 Zantetsuken
Louis XII French Ecu Au Soleil. Crowned shield sun above. Cross Fleury. Mintmark anchor... 1498 Prestige-Collection
1515-1547 Francois I, France, Ecu D'or du Dauphine. 1515 Prestige-Collection
small 24mm copper token (mereau) of 12 deniers minted in 1526 for the cathedral of St Omer... 1526 Ian
Antoine de Lorraine (1508 -44). A silver teston minted at the city of Nancy. Dark toned, weakly... 1527 Ian
Ecu d'or au soleil of Francis I of France 1530 Ian
A silver teston of Francis I of France. Minted at Cremieu by the mint master Pierre le Maistre,... 1538 Ian
Teston. Kingdom of France. Henri II (1547-1556). Ag. 1549 podzemnik2
Early french jeton issued in 1557 during the reign of Henri II for the Chambre des Comptes (The... 1557 Ian
Early silver teston of Charles III Duke of Lorraine wearing crown. No date on coin, but circa... 1560 Ian
1560 dated copper jeton of Francis II of France (first husband of Mary Queen of Scots) 1560 Ian
A silver teston issued during the first year of reign of Charles IX. During this year money... 1561 Ian
Another silver teston issued during the first year of reign of Charles IX. This one is referred... 1561 Ian
rare jeton issued for the kings counsellors of Francis II King of France and Scotland (husband of... 1561 Ian
A silver teston bearing the image of Charles IX issued by the Paris mint (A mm under bust)... 1562 Ian
1562 dated copper jeton issued for Thomas de Bragelogne a noble from the Languedoc region during... 1562 Ian
Error jeton from the early years of Charles IX. Strange in that it has been struck using two... 1563 Ian
taler from France Maximilian von Berghes (cambrai) maximilian II 1568 frabrne
Counterstamped Douzain possibly of Henry III or IIII very worn and hard to date thus 1570 ScottO
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