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10 Lire (Aluminum)Obverse: Plough, REPVBBLICA ITALIANA date Reverse: Two wheat ears, 10 1969 gm99
Kingdom of Sardinia - Charles Emmanuel IV Savoy - 2 Denari - Copper 1799 damiano
1963 One Hundred Lira 1963 ikaros
195 maridvnvm
Bought in a famous Italian coin shop.VENEZIA. Andrea Contarini 1368-1382,Andrea Contarini was... 1368 maria-ozawa
VENICE (REPUBLIC)~AR Grosso 1382-1400 AD. Under Doge/Duke: Antonio Venier. 1382 Zantetsuken
Principality of Lucca and Piombino - Elisa Bonaparte and Felice Baciocchi - 5 Franchi - Silver... 1808 damiano
20 Centesimi Stainless steelnon-magnetic 1939 Swisspat
Henry 111 or IV 'Holy Roman Emperor'denaro Town of Lucca. Obv. +HENRICVS around LVCA... 1028 geordie582
195 maridvnvm
1 Milan Soldo, Siege of Mantua... 1799 elverno
5 Lire 1929 1929 ElGreco
Ancient Romans. These came from uncleaned lots in around 2006. The quality of coins from these... 300 jessvc1
195 maridvnvm
Lombardo-Veneto 3 Centesimi, Love these coins and looking for all I get find. 1822 Dumanyu
Naples Tari, 5.02g, 25.2mm. Mount mark? 1688 HKMAL
VITT EM III RE E IMP ITALIA 10 CENTESIMI 1940-R YEAR XVIII alum-bronze 1940 echizento
195 maridvnvm
500 Lire. Republica Italy. (R) Roma mint. Ag835f. 11,0gr. 1958 podzemnik
Roman Gallienus, coppercoin doublestrike obverese 0 mawett