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US Large Cent 1847 N4 DSb Repunched 1. 1847 USA
28th US President Woodrow Wilson medal 0 Exonumia North America
Albert Einstein & Admiral Bird's airplane, two coins from Shell's Famous Facts and Faces Game. 1968 Exonumia North America
Mexico 8 reales 1886-Zs 1886 Mexico
US Large Cent 1849N22 E-MDS(b) 1849 USA
1966 Roosevelt Dime SMS MS67 - from US Mint Special Mint Set - PCGS 1966 USA
Fillmore Indian Peace Medal 19th century strike - copper/bronze. Gem Proof. Muled with obsolete... 1850 USA
Mexico 1988 10peso unc 1988 Mexico
1959 Mexico 5 Cents 1959 Mexico
1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1942 USA
PM 1977-1981 JImmy Carter 0 Exonumia North America
Fantastic Contemporary Counterfeit 1792 8 Reales. Second known example of this year Brass Alloy... 1792 Mexico
Canada 1 Cent 1967(celebrating 100 years Canada as a country) 1967 Canada
This Ike dollar was dug with a metal detector. It has been my pocket piece for the last 2 years.... 1976 USA
2004 Field & Stream Grizzly Bear Medal 2004 Exonumia North America
Lincoln's tie. 2005 USA
2010 1 Dollar - I got this one in circulation in late 2008. I heard that some of these intended... 2010 Canada
Dime 1957 Canada
1944 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1944 USA
1850 Bank of Upper Canada Half Penny Token 1850 Exonumia North America