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20 Lire MVSSOLINI MCMXLIII Medal ??? Can someone help to identify this Medal or coin ?? 0 Italy
Around 65 to 50 BC Uniface Tree like trophy concaved Possibly Gaulish 0.67g Chris Rudd's... 0 Unknown
Possibly Ecini tribal Billion found Wetton Norfolk 0.83g Purchased Chris rudd 0 United Kingdom
Unidentified Gaulish Horse Found near Dover 1.38g 0 France
british transport token 10p, unknown year 0 Exonumia Europe
Eurocoin vending token from UK, stainless steel version. Same both sides. 0 Exonumia Europe
Eurocoin London, vending token, brass, same both sides. 0 Exonumia Europe
Tny Celtic bronze ring money 0 Roman Empire
Unknown jetton, probably french. Only obverse, jetton is bent or is made like that. Further info... 0 Exonumia Europe
Silver piece with Ex-Yugoslavia president Tito on obverse and Yugoslavia (SFRJ) coat of arms on... 0 Exonumia Europe
timer token 003 EF 0 Exonumia Europe
KARL W MULLER TOKEN, unknown date 0 Exonumia Europe
vending machine token 0 Exonumia Europe
Tiny Ancient Roman Coin 0 Italy
France, 2 jeton, Casino de la Napoule.... 0 Exonumia Europe
France, Jeton Le Jeu.... 0 Exonumia Europe
another possible geramn piece, unknown. 0 Germany
a french jetton from the 14th or 15th century, good ookingpiece, slightly off centre 0 Unknown
church token from the 14th or 15th century used in france, possibly even a brockage 0 Exonumia Europe
SNAKE IN THE GRASS (BE CAREFUL) and REARING HORSE (BELOVED FREEDOM). Brass 5.22gms, 2.85mm thick,... 0 France
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