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A silver didrachm from Sparta's one and only colony in Magna Graecia, the city of Tarentum. One... -280 Italy
Bronze coin from the city of Rhegium in Bruttium circa 270 bc. Obverse bust of Apollo to left.... -270 Italy
300-250 BC. MASSALIA (Marseilles) Gallo-Greek seaport, SE France River god head Marseilles... -250 France
Celtiberian bronze of the late 2nd Century B.C., Sagunto Roma obv, Ship prow and winged victory... -225 Spain
Boeotia Federal Coinage silver drachm minted circa 225 -171 bc. Poseidon obverse, Nike reverse... -225 Greece
Dyrrhachium silver drachm. Cow suckling calf obv. MENISKOS / Stelate pattern DYR AMYNTA reverse.... -220 Albania
Nicer Dyrrhachium silver drachm with eagle above cow. -220 Albania
silver Victoriatus of the Roman Republic circa 211 BC. Jupiter obverse with Victory crowning a... -211 Italy
IONIA, Ephesos. Circa 202-150 BC. Silver Drachm, 4g, 19mm. Bee / Stag standing right, palm... -202 Greece
MODERN COPY (cast) IONIA, Ephesos AR Drachm. White metal. -202 Greece
small (14mm) bronze from the Greek city of Selge in Pisidia (modern day Antalya region of Turkey)... -200 Turkey
silver tetradrachm from the Aeolian city state of Myrina. Appollo laureate obverse. Statue of... -197 Turkey
Histiaia in Euboia silver tetraobol. The nymph Histiaia obverse and on the prow of a ship... -196 Greece
Histiaia in Euboia silver tetraobol. The nymph Histiaia obverse and on the prow of a ship... -196 Greece
Double Victoriatus of the Thessalian League minted circa 196 -146 bc. Obverse Zeus. Reverse... -196 Greece
low grade coin, from the Ionian region -190 Greece
Silver (posthumous)tetradrachm of Alexander The Great struck at Temnos in Macedonia circa 188 -... -188 Greece
ANCIENT GREEK, BOTTIAEA. MACEDON. Head of Athena wearing crested Athenian helmet. Bull feeding... -185 Greece
Greek Massilia, 200 - 150 B.C., silver Tetrobal. Obv: Artemis with bow and quiver behind her... -175 France
Silver Tetradrachme from the Aeolian city of Kyme circa 165 -140 BC. Obverse bust of the Amazon... -165 Turkey
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