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1672 farthing, VF with planchet flaws, and struck with a worn die.. the loop on the 2 is joined... United Kingdom 1672
1882 Mexican Eagle Silver Peso Coin, Obverse: REPUBLICA MEXICANA (Republic of Mexico), the... Mexico 1882
光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), CHEH-KIANG PROVINCE, 7 Mace and 2 Candareens, 40mm, 3mm, 27g.,... China 1897
1652-1952 5 Shilling Silver Value South Africa 1952
光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), 20-Cent Silver Coin, 33rd Year of Kuang Hsu, Manchurian... China 1907
40 mm Commemorative aluminum medal in honor of the Imperial maneuvers of 1909. Germany 1909
92U Depleted Uranium "element coin" token made by Dave Hamric (Metallium) - Unique. Two... Exonumia North America 2010
Colombia 1872 1 peso, Bogota mint. Struck in gold. Low mintage? Weight: 1.50g. Colombia 1872
A wheat penny found in change USA 1946
KM-810, 1922 Great Britain penny; bronze, plain edge; George V, smaller mintage year, very fine... United Kingdom 1922
KM-94, 1964 Algeria (Republic) centimes aluminum, plain edge; first independent Republic coinage,... Algeria 1964
KM-455, 1922 Mexico peso, Mexico mint (M mint mark); silver, lettered edge; good extra fine or so. Mexico 1922
South Africa 1950 6 Pence. South Africa 1950
1985 Gold Plated Thomas Jefferson 185th Anniversary (1800-1985) Double Eagle Commemorative USA 1985
2003 P 1 cent with diadem obverse. - In Canadian coins the P mark is not a mint mark as such, but... Canada 2003
KM-785, 1930 Sweden 25 ore; silver, plain edge; Gustaf V, average circulated. Sweden 1930
Russia 1742 SPB 1 ruble, overstruck over 1741 1 ruble. Weight: 24.80g Russia 1742
KM-9, 1973 French Polynesia 20 francs, Paris mint; nickel, reeded edge; French overseas... French Polynesia 1973
Macedonia, 1 denar 1993. Macedonia 1993
KM-84, 1989 South Africa 5 cents; proo, nickel, plain edge; last of the old style 5 cents, key... South Africa 1989
KM-739, 1904 Sweden 25 ore; silver, plain edge; Oscar II, smaller mintage year, very fine... Sweden 1904
Silver war nickel found in change USA 1943
KM-732, AH1413 (1992) Egypt 10 piastres; aluminum-bronze, plain edge; Mosque of Mohamed Ali,... Egypt 1413
Society for Creative Anachronism, Hand Hammered, obverse says 'sancta hildegard ensis' (followers... Exonumia North America 2001
2 Euro (circular eagle - A) Germany 2002