My George V collection. His portrait fascinates me. Usually I collect modern Greece and Cyprus.

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10 Cents 1913 1913 Sri Lanka
Half a Rupee 1933 1933 India
A sixpence from 1934. From the moment I had decided to collect George V coins, I had wanted one... 1934 Fiji
Half a crown from New Zealand. 1933 New Zealand
1/4 Anna 1936 1936 India
1/2 Pice 1936 If only it weren't for that smudge on the obverse. 1936 India
20 Cents from Newfoundland 1912 Canada
A sixpence coin from 1931. The condition is slightly better than what the picture is showing,... 1931 United Kingdom
This 1922 Cent has been cleaned quite heavily. At the same time the Obverse has taken a lot of... 1922 Mauritius
I wanted to buy me an uncleaned Canadian cent in addition to the cleaned one I got. So here it is. 1916 Canada
Half Crown coin from 1929. 1929 United Kingdom
Another South African penny. This one from 1934 1934 South Africa
A penny from Southafrica 1936 South Africa
1/12th of a Shilling 1926 Jersey
A medal for faithful service in the special constabulary. Special Constabulary is the part-time... 1930 Exonumia Europe
A penny from Jersey. This one is in quite good condition. Although I am always holding back when... 1933 Jersey
One Cent from Hong Kong. I love coins with writing in more than one language, so I was quite... 1923 Hong Kong
1/12 of a Shilling, meaning a penny from Jersey. 1911 Jersey
A 1/24 of a Shilling. Since 1 Shilling has 12 Pence, this would be a half penny. 1931 Jersey
A New Zealand Threepence from 1934. On the reverse two carved patu, a type of a native weapon. 1934 New Zealand
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