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395-401Ad Honorius Nummus VIRTVS EXERCITI (Emperor standing left, holding spear, left hand on... 395 Roman Empire
321-323Ad Licinius II Follis IOVI CONSERVATORI Jupiter standing left, cloak across left... 321 Roman Empire
321-323Ad Licinius I Follis IOVI CONSERVATORI Jupiter standing left, cloak across left shoulder,... 321 Roman Empire
164–169Ad Lucilla As or Dupondius. SALVS S-C, Salus standing left, feeding serpent arising from... 164 Roman Empire
Circa 4Bc. Marium Timicharis, King of Paphos, Cyprus. Spearhead to left MA above. Head of roaring... 4 Cyprus
270-275Ad.Aurelian Antoninianus. IOVI CONSER Emperor standing right, holding sceptre, receiving... 270 Roman Empire
251-253Ad. Trebonianus Gallus Antoninianu. PIETAS AVGG, Pietas, veiled, standing left, raising... 251 Roman Empire
270-273Ad Tetricus I. Antoninianus. SALV AVGG, Salus standing left, holding wreath and rudder.... 270 Roman Empire
270-273Ad Tetricus I. Antoninianus. SPES PVBLICA, Spes advancing left holding flower and raising... 270 Roman Empire
268-270Ad Victorinus Antoninianus. PAX AVG, Pax standing left, holding branch and sceptre. V-star... 268 Roman Empire
Circa 296-297 Diocletian Follis. CONCORDIA MILITVM, Jupiter presents Victory on a globe to... 296 Roman Empire
309Ad Maxentius Follis. AETERNITAS AVG N, the Dioscuri Castor and Pollux standing facing each... 309 Roman Empire
275-276Ad Billon antoninianus Emperor Tacitus. FELICITAS SAECVLI, Felicitas standing, sacrificing... 275 Roman Empire
Circa 193 Septimius Severus AE24 Four-assaria of Odessos, Thrace. OΔHCCEITΩN, the Great God of... 193 Roman Empire
57-12Bc Azes I, Indo-Scythians, MAHARAJASA RAJARAJASA MAHATASA AYASA, in Karosthi, lion standing... 57 India
Circa 260Ad Gallienus Sole reign. Billon antoninianus. NEPTVNO CONS AVG, hippocamp springing... 260 Roman Empire
270Ad Quintillus Antoninianus. VICTORIA AVG, Victory walking right, holding wreath and palm. G in... 270 Roman Empire
Circa 50Bc, Iberia Castulo. Bull standing right crescent above. Diademed male head right. 50 Spain
Circa 208-48Bc Illyria-Apollonia. Drachm. Agias (Moneyer), Epikadou (Magistrate). ΑΓΙΑΣ, Cow... 208 Albania
Circa 140Ad Diva Faustina Senior wife of the Emperor Antoninus Pius Denarius. AETERNITAS, Juno... 140 Roman Empire
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