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Portuguese India - 1/2 Tanga. Strong VF coin, some dark staining. 1901 India
Gwalior - 1901 1/2 pice. Has seen better days....... 1901 India
Gwalior - 1901 1/4 anna. Nice example. 1901 India
Jaipur - 1901 copper dump `paisa' minted in year 22 of the reign of Madho Singh II 1901 India
Jodhpur - 1901(ish) 1/4 anna of Sardar Singh 1901 India
swiss shooting medal struck in silver for the shooting festival at Lucern in 1901. Engraved by... 1901 Switzerland
Silver jeton/ medal issued for the Compagnie des Chemins de Fer de L'Est. Engraved by Frederic... 1900 France
Dark toned matt finish silver medal (not sure if it is plated or solid silver) by Roty for the... 1900 France
Silver jeton issued for the Banque de Paris et Pays Bas circa 1900. 1900 France
`Monnaie de Paris' by Daniel Dupuis. One of my favourite engravers. His work features on the... 1900 France
Prussia - 1900 5 marks 1900 Germany
Gwalior - 1900 1/2 pice. Now here's a challenge to anyone's curatorial skils! Sadly, this coin... 1900 India
Jaipur - 1900 copper dump `paisa' minted in year 21 of the reign of Madho Singh II 1900 India
1900 1/4 anna. Minted at Calcutta. Weakly struck and yet another die rotation error. 1900 India
silver jeton de presence issued for the `Caisee D'Epargne - Roubaix' (Roubaix Savings Bank)in the... 1900 France
The Paris Mint (1900) by Patey. 1900 France
silvered bronze medalet issued for La Sequanaise, one of France's assurance groups. 1900 France
silver jeton (40.8mm)issued for the Nevers Caisse D'Epargne (Nevers savings bank) 1900 France
RRR silver jeton de presence issued for the shareholders of the Mines D'Anzin. 1900 France
Silver (27mm)medal by Oscar Roty. This type was issued as a 30 year service medal to members of... 1900 France