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Swiss Shooting Medal - Thurgau (Frauenfeld)1890 1890 Switzerland
1576 dated copper jeton issued for Nicolas Gencian D'Anjou a minor noble from the Languedoc... 1576 France
silverjeton issued for the locksmiths guild of Paris in the 1760's (undated) 1760 France
Peter III silver 10 Diners. 1994 Andorra
Silver medal (35mm) engraved by Louis Oscar Roty. This one struck for the 'Compagnie des Agents... 1896 France
silver jeton de presence minted for the administrators of the Societe Protestante de Prevoyance,... 1860 France
1877 B/II Half Anna. Nice large copper of Victoria as Empress of India. This date is apparently... 1877 India
Silver jeton issued for the Paris Bourse regulators circa 1880 1880 France
Scarcer silver jeton issued during the early part of the reign of Louis XV for the 'Commissaires... 1732 France
United Netherlands circa 1573. Scarce Lion of Holland counterstamp in oval with pearled border... 1573 Netherlands
silver jeton issued for the Pensions Administrators. Young bust of Louis XVI and dated 1764 1764 France
silver stater from the Corinthian colony of Anaktorion in Akarnania. `A' below Pegasus, and DI... -360 Greece
Early silver teston of Charles III Duke of Lorraine wearing crown. No date on coin, but circa... 1560 France
1835 1/12th Anna British East India Company during colonial period. This coin being 18mm,... 1835 India
New South Wales 1d token. Undated but circa 1850 1850 Australia
Silver jeton issued for the house of Anne of Austria, Queen of France. The reverse refers to... 1640 France
Jeton issued for the `secretaires du roi' in 1776 during the reign of Louis XVI. 1776 France
scarcer silver jeton issued for the Fondeurs de Metaux (smelters)dated 1755 issued during reign... 1755 France
1792 Barbados 1d `Neptune' reverse 1792 Barbados
Ancient Ceylonese copper coin (Massa Kahavanu)from the reign of Queen Lilawati circa 1202-05 ad.... 1202 Sri Lanka