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silver drachm (a la tete cubiste)of the Volques Tectosages, a celtic tribe from the Toulouse... -100 France
Ae `trias' from the city state of Syracuse circa 344 - 336 BC. Coin is far better than scan would... -344 Italy
silver litra from the Sicilian city state of Leontini circa 455-430 BC. -455 Italy
Nerva denarius circa 96 ad. Concordia Exercituum reverse 96 Italy
scarcer example of a Banque de France jeton de presence. This early example does not have the bow... 1820 France
copper half penny 1855 United Kingdom
bronze penny 1861 United Kingdom
nicely toned silver jeton de presence minted for the Lyon Society of Medecine and Surgery. 1880 France
silver jeton de presence issued for the Toulons, Nimes, Marseille gas lighting company. 1840 France
Scarce silver jeton de presence issued for the `Lloyd Rouennais', an insurance syndicate set up... 1866 France
scarce silver jeton de presence minted in Paris for the Societe des Mines de Malfidano a french... 1890 France
relatively modern silver jeton (1967) minted for the Stock Brokers of Paris. 1967 France
silver jeton issued for the Compagnie Generale des Ponts sur Le Rhone (Rhone Bridges). This one... 1844 France
silver jeton de presence for `L'Etoile de la Mer' (The Star of the Sea) a French maritime... 1858 France
silver half dime 1872 USA
silver antoninianus of Valerian I. Sol reverse 253 Italy
silver antoninianus of Cornelia salonina, wife of Gallienus. Vesta reverse 268 Italy
silver antoninianus of Volusian. PM TRP IIII COS II reverse 251 Italy
silver antoninianus of Trebonius Gallus. Pietas reverse. 251 Italy
silver antoninianus of Gallienus.Germanicus Rex reverse 253 Italy