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nice brilliant uncirculated 1 franc, Paris mint. 1958 Madagascar
Double gros of Philip IV (`The Handsome'), Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders, also Philip I... 1492 Luxembourg
Ein Vereinsthaler. (Official restrike). What looks like a scratch obverse is a die scratch. 1862 Liechtenstein
silver proof 10 dollars featuring Nellie the Elephant. 1974 Liberia
Livonia schilling 1547 Latvia
Livonia schilling 1553 Latvia
1844 Victoria young head Penny. A thing of beauty! What looks like dirt in the legends is... 1844 Jersey
1987 Jersey
1/26th of a shilling. 1841 Jersey
Yen with chop marks both sides 1884 Japan
Yen with two chop marks obverse, one of which is a swastika 1886 Japan
Yen with one chop obverse. 1891 Japan
Yen heavily chop marked obverse and reverse. 1893 Japan
Large bronze ovaloid shaped 100 Mon (Tempo Tsuho) from the land of the rising sun. Minted from... 1835 Japan
luminescent copper 1 Sen from japan 1880 Japan
Type 1 year 3 silver Yen. Lower grade but still collectable 1870 Japan
Nice high grade silver yen dated 1895 1895 Japan
Jamaica 10 dollars `10th Anniversary of Independence'. Rather large at 1.46 oz of silver. 1972 Jamaica
1822/1 $1/4 `anchor' trade coinage for British West Indies. Clear overdate. 1822 Jamaica
1822 $1/8th `anchor' trade coinage for British West Indies. Flatly struck coin, but difficult to... 1822 Jamaica