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California 1925s $1/2. Thar's gold in them thar hills! 1925 USA
Liege. A copper Liard of Johann Theodore 1751. 1751 Belgium
Scarcer Jeton de Presence issued for the Parties Casuelles. 1732 France
copper medal struck for La sequanaise, one of France's assurance companies covering fire risks 1897 France
Pope Urbanus VIII copper double tournois (Avignon) 1636 France
Scarcer silver jeton issued for the `Anciens Courtiers Du Havre' a maritime assurance syndicate. 1867 France
silver denarius of Faustina (junior) 170 Italy
Perth half penny (Arms / Whisky still). Difficult to find in collectable condition. 1797 Scotland
silvered bronze medalet issued for La Sequanaise, one of France's assurance groups. 1900 France
copper jeton issued for the `Serruriers' (locksmiths) 1830 France
Nice higher grade silver jeton issued for the third term in office of M'sieu Pomereu, Lord... 1682 France
Transylvanian 3 groschen (1606) in the name of Stephan Bocskai. Comes with its very own hole. 1606 Romania
1 lire 1866 Vatican
Another very rare silver jeton, this time of the College of Pharmacy in Paris.Coin rotation.... 1778 France
Nicely toned silver jeton issued for the Compagnie Bordelaise, (Maritime Assurance) 1843 France
1822/1 $1/16th `anchor' trade coinage for British West Indies. Overstrike difficult to see... 1822 Jamaica
silver jeton de presence issued for the Toulons, Nimes, Marseille gas lighting company. 1840 France
silver jeton de presence minted for La Rochelle Chambre de Commerce circa 1856. Bust Louis... 1856 France
Scarce copper jeton of the head of the Faculty of Medecine, Paris. Bust obverse / lecture theatre... 1746 France
Interesting and unusual silver octagonal jeton which refers to a royal decree of 4th April 1760.... 1760 France