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silvered Ae Antoninianus of Pustumus 259 -268 AD. `Pax Aug' reverse. 259 Italy
silvered Ae Antoninianus of Postumus (259 -268 ad). `Herc Pacifero' reverse 259 Italy
oval silver jeton issued for the Chambre de Commerce, Beauvais. 1890 France
silver jeton of Faustina (junior). Hilaritas reverse 170 Italy
silver denarius of Faustina (junior) 170 Italy
silver denarius of Faustina (junior), wife of Marcus Aurelius, daughter of Antoninus Pius and... 170 Italy
postumous issue silver denarius of Faustina (Senior), wife of Antoninus Pius circa 145 ad 145 Italy
silver jeton minted for Louis de Bourbon et Penthievre, Grand Admiral of the French Fleet. This... 1746 France
silver tetradrachm of the Bactrian king Agathokles. Some discord concerning the dates of issue.... -185 Afghanistan
copper jeton issued for the Tresoriers de L'Extraordinaires des Guerres, again , the Treasurer... 1688 France
An interesting copper jeton issued for the Tresoriers Militaires des Armees, in this case the... 1684 France
a relatively rare jeton originally minted in `yellow copper' at Nurenberg for the `Ordinaires... 1690 France
another copper jeton minted at Nurenberg for the `Ordinaires des Guerres' (signed LGL) 1690 France
copper jeton issued for the `Ordinaires Des Guerres'. Minted at Nurenberg on the orders of... 1690 France
silver jeton issued for the `Commissaires des Pauvres' (possibly Nicolas Laleu?)in 1685. The... 1685 France
Silver jeton struck for the `Compagnie des Bateaux a Vapeur du Rhone' (The Rhone Steamboat Company) 1830 France
scarcer silver jeton de presence issued for `La Dordogne', a French maritime assurer. 1856 France
Copper jeton minted for the `troisieme corps des marchands (aka `Merciers')'. Roughly translates... 1704 France
Lucca and Piombino 5 Franchi 1805 Italy
Scarcer silver jeton issued during the early part of the reign of Louis XV for the 'Commissaires... 1732 France