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Flanders. Half patagon of Albert and Isobella of Spain. ND, but circa 1600's. 1600 Belgium
copper jeton issued for Msieu Flachat, The Lord Provost (Mayor) of Lyon, France in 1753 1753 France
Middlesex halfpenny `Pidcock's Exhibition' with Elephant obverse, Rhinoceros reverse. 1795 United Kingdom
copper jeton de presence issued for La Transatlantique, a french maritime assurer. 1858 France
1813 Isle of Man penny (George III). 1813 Isle of Man
Flanders. Portrait 1/4 Ducat of Philip II. Low grade, but scarce. 1556 Belgium
Mithradates III silver drach minted at Rhagae. Selwood attributes this coin (31.6) to Orodes I,... -80 Iran
A nice silver stater from the city state of Thebes in Boeotia, Greece, circa 379 - 338 bc. A nice... -379 Greece
Elagabalus (212-218 ad) billon tetradrachm minted at Antioch, in modern day Syria. One of the... 212 Syria
East India Company - Bombay Presidency silver half rupee. A small but very thick hunk of silver! 1825 India
Swiss Shooting medal, Bern 1910 1910 Switzerland
Silver jeton issued for Lyon Chambre de Commerce 1704. reverse depicts a sun dial (or an early... 1704 France
silver denier of the Allobroges, a celtic tribe in France whose territory was centred in the... -75 France
Lovely toned Nazarana Rupee from Jaipur 1911 India
Silver jeton of Lille Chamber of Commerce. Note spelling of `Lisle' in exergue (reverse)and... 1786 France
Political jeton (copper) of Napoleon III issued on his election as `Emperor of France'. 1852 France
Copper jeton issued for Edmond-Claude Bourru, Dean of the Faculty of Medecine at Paris University... 1787 France
2 sols `Medaille de confiance' issued by the Monneron Freres in Paris. Has seen some action. 1791 France
Silver Medal engraved by Louis Oscar Roty and struck to commemorate the inauguration of the Suez... 1887 France
scarce city view jeton of Nancy, France in silver. Unusual to see this in silver let alone in... 1643 France