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1853 `Pice', British East India Company during colonial period. Calcutta mint and medal rotation 1853 India
Swiss Shooting Medal - Geneva 1887 1887 Switzerland
silver half dime 1872 USA
`Discovery of America' silver 10 diners 1992 Andorra
silver jeton de presence issued for the `Caisee D'Epargne - Roubaix' (Roubaix Savings Bank)in the... 1900 France
another copper jeton minted at Nurenberg for the `Ordinaires des Guerres' (signed LGL) 1690 France
Swiss shooting medal in silver. Bern/ Thun in 1894 by Franz Homberg (1452 examples struck) 1894 Switzerland
copper jeton issued for the `Ordinaires Des Guerres'. Minted at Nurenberg on the orders of... 1690 France
Interesting mule jeton with two different dated obverses (1599 and 1620). 1620 France
silver jeton issued for the Solicitors of Nancy circa 1778 1778 France
scarcer silver jeton de presence of an assurance company covering risks associated with war and... 1873 France
Silver jeton struck for the `Compagnie des Bateaux a Vapeur du Rhone' (The Rhone Steamboat Company) 1830 France
Birmingham 3d. Large copper token issued during the coin shortages. Seldom seen 1813 United Kingdom
Lion Double Gros aka a `botdraeger' of Philip The Bold. Minted for Flanders circa 1400 ad 1400 Belgium
Daniel Boone 1935 $1/2. One of my favourites. 1935 USA
Vicky Penny. Hub doubling to legends (RHS obv.) and to elements of thrRHS of the bust. sadly, not... 1855 United Kingdom
Licinius I Ae Follis Iovi Conservatori reverse. Reasonable portrait coin. 308 Italy
An interesting copper jeton issued for the Tresoriers Militaires des Armees, in this case the... 1684 France
Aunty Vicky Crown. LVI edge 1893 United Kingdom
Dyrrhachium silver drachm. Cow suckling calf obv. MENISKOS / Stelate pattern DYR AMYNTA reverse.... -220 Albania