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Very rare portrait silver jeton of Marie Josephine Louis of Savoie (1753 -1810), Countess of... 1771 France
Swiss shooting medal in silver. Bern/ Thun in 1894 by Franz Homberg (1452 examples struck) 1894 Switzerland
An interesting copper jeton issued for the Tresoriers Militaires des Armees, in this case the... 1684 France
Portuguese India - 1/8th Tanga. 1903 India
silver jeton (1789 issue)minted for the Estates of Burgundy. Obverse bust of Louis XVI engraved... 1789 France
Doyenne de Chatelet (Monsieur Chenon)1789. This piece is strange in that it appears to have been... 1789 France
90 BC Roman Republic silver denarius. Obverse shows Mutinus Titinus (Priapus)with winged diadem.... -90 Italy
960 Reis. This coin shows signs of having been overstruck. Unfortunately it is nigh on impossible... 1815 Brazil
One Sol 1870 Peru
Silver hemidrachm from the Black Sea region of Chersonesos (Crimea)circa 480 -350 BC. -480 Greece
Dyrrhachium silver drachm. Cow suckling calf obv. MENISKOS / Stelate pattern DYR AMYNTA reverse.... -220 Albania
Alexander, King of Poland 1501 -6 and Grand Duke of Lithuania. I think that this coin is a silver... 1501 Poland
Aunty Vicky Crown. LVI edge 1893 United Kingdom
Aeginetan silver stater circa 480 -456 bc. Commonly referred to as a `turtle'. This one also has... -480 Greece
Proof silver 2 dollars 1973 Bahamas
silver jeton de presence issued for the `Caisee D'Epargne - Roubaix' (Roubaix Savings Bank)in the... 1900 France
silver half dime 1872 USA
Licinius I Ae Follis Iovi Conservatori reverse. Reasonable portrait coin. 308 Italy
silver jeton issued for the Solicitors of Nancy circa 1778 1778 France
copper jeton issued for the `Ordinaires Des Guerres'. Minted at Nurenberg on the orders of... 1690 France