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Copper jeton issued for Philippe Hecquet, Dean of the Faculty of Medecine at Paris University... 1713 France
Nice portrait silver denarius of Caracalla (212 -217AD), Serapis reverse. 212 Italy
Large bronze ovaloid shaped 100 Mon (Tempo Tsuho) from the land of the rising sun. Minted from... 1835 Japan
Portuguese India - 1/8th Tanga. 1903 India
Silver jeton issued in 1703 for the Kings bankers and stockbrokers 1703 France
Cob 8 reales of Mexico City, Assayer `D'. Shipwreck coin. 1614 Mexico
Roman republic denarius depicting the Dioscouri (Castor and Pollux) obverse, and the prow of a... -107 Italy
silver jeton (1789 issue)minted for the Estates of Burgundy. Obverse bust of Louis XVI engraved... 1789 France
Very rare portrait silver jeton of Marie Josephine Louis of Savoie (1753 -1810), Countess of... 1771 France
One Sol 1870 Peru
Exceptionally nice example of a Carthaginian (Zeugitania) bronze. Obverse Tanit crowned with... -400 Tunisia
Silver jeton issued for Delamare, Doyen de Chatelet. Obverse his coat of arms / reverse a... 1723 France
HMS Hood silver crown 1993 Gibraltar
scarcer quart d'ecu de Navarre (1/4 ecu) struck for Henri IV of France at Saint -Palais. 1594 France
Jeton /medalet minted for the Chamber of Commerce at Valenciennes, France and highlighting the... 1897 France
silver half dime 1872 USA
Sigismund I silver grosz dated 1535. Nice portrait coin. 1535 Poland
`Discovery of America' silver 10 diners 1992 Andorra
1682/1 silver 4d of Charles II. 1682 United Kingdom
1/2 birr. Strangely, harder to find than it's crown size big brother 1897 Ethiopia