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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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1898 dime, again well circulated, starting to go flat in places 1898 USA
1911 dime, again circulated, but details are reasonable details are gone but outlines are very clear 1911 USA
1978 D dime, some nice spreads on mintmark and OD in God and TRUST 1978 USA
high grade 1963 roosevelt dime looks like 1963 or 5 hard to tell looks more like a 3 1963 USA
AUNC 1994 cent, some marks other then that full bright lustre 1994 USA
wonderful AUNC half dollar, practically as struck bar some scratches 1976 USA
1907 obverse is a sold EF with a metal flaw, however reverse is VF so its a VF coin, also seems... 1907 USA
1930 S buffalo nickel, fine grade, date is clear as is the mintmark on the reverse 1930 USA
1911 V cent in poor condition, and some drilling attempts on the obverse, otherwise its acceptable 1911 USA
EF grade 1984 P dime, wonderful coin 1984 USA
1943 P silver cent, aVF, good detail in places, not heavily worn 1943 USA
plating error dime, 1979 D notice the copper, coin is lustrous so no wear 1979 USA
1934 wheat cent, fine grade, interesting mark near the 4. better then the average definatly 1934 USA
1866 3 cents, not silver, fine condition looks like some chips have been taken out of obverse 1866 USA
1907 1 cent, holed on the date but condition shows minimal wear so i'm guessing 1907 1907 USA
1917 US cent, worn condition, nothing special visible with my eye 1917 USA
EF 1990 P dime, obverse is off centre, by a very visible margain 1990 USA
1929 EF 1 cent 1929 USA
aVF 1910 cent, very nice coin 1910 USA
1984 P Dime very worn die, otherwise a good EF coin 1984 USA
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