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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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nice 1970 D cent, subdued lustre, very nice also seems to be a flatter o in oF 1970 USA
wonderful full lustre 1970 cent, probably AUNC as some lustre has faded 1970 USA
another lustrous 1970, this one is a D nice and bright colouration, seen a bit more circulation... 1970 USA
a nice 1972 cent, toned, nice reverse 1972 USA
1972 D cent, bit of dye wear or a weak strike on reverse 1972 USA
prooflike strike, a nice polished look and crisp strike a gorgeous coin 1973 USA
lustrous 1974 cent, looks like a fairly weak strike 1974 USA
nice crisp 1977 D cent, no lustre but quite a nice strike 1977 USA
off centre 1977 1 cent, lustrous 1977 USA
a nice 1979 D with a fat chunky D mintmark 1979 USA
gorgeous colouration, red toning into brown 1979 USA
lustrous 1979 D cent 1979 USA
lustrous 1980 cent 1980 USA
almost uncirculated 1980 D cent with a longer U in trust 1980 USA
nice 1981 D cent with lustre traces 1981 USA
nice colouration on this 1983 cent 1983 USA
practially uncirculated, fairly weak date strike and reverse legend inside too 1983 USA
another as struck D cent, couple of black marks on the reverse lets it down 1983 USA
seen a small bit of circualtion but again almost as struck 1988 USA
uncirculated, no scuffs or and wear on lincon quite a detailed image, reverse seems to be struck... 1990 USA
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