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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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VF 1972 D cent, no lustre but hair detail is there 1972 USA
nice VF 1973 D cent, no lustre, possibly a split on the upper serif of the mintmark (hard to tell) 1973 USA
nice bright 1973 cent, possibly a spread on the R (light reflects back off it?) 1973 USA
interesting coin, couple of interesting spreads or old marks, line in the C of FC, also some... 1974 USA
S cent, the s is very chunky and from the 300x300 looks like a D.. lustre traces very nice 1974 USA
faint lustre 1975 cent 1975 USA
odd finish, possible dye wear on the leg of the R (unnoticable to the naked eye)some lustre traces 1975 USA
lustrous 1976, some damage on obverse and corrosion on reverse 1976 USA
lustre faint but there, a nice 1977 1977 USA
nice unlisted (on anyway) filled D and possible raised part on the leg of the 9... 1977 USA
lustrous 1978 cent 1978 USA
lustrous 1978 D cent 1978 USA
nice 1972 S, bit of discolouration, but a good clean strike with good detals 1972 USA
lustrous 1979 cent 1979 USA
nice spread on the top of the D mintmark. nice lustrous coin 1979 USA
lustrous 1980 D cent 1980 USA
interesting mark near the 80 (possible 80 over 79?) 1980 USA
filled in D and an interesting bump at the 1 in 81, nice bright lustre top EF 1981 USA
lustrous 1981 1 cent 1981 USA
spread on the 2 in the date, lustrous 1982 USA
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