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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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unknown ancient coin, possible imitation roman 0 Unknown
another unidentified copper coin 0 Unknown
Unidentified copper coin 0 Unknown
unknown hammered coin 0 Unknown
early french Denier low grade around struck around 1100. 1093 Unknown
Unknown copper coin/token 0 Unknown
very worn thin copper coin, possibly dated 1560. 1560 Unknown
unknown copper 0 Unknown
unidentifed mis strike arabic coin 0 Unknown
very damaged and holed 17th or 18th century coin 0 Unknown
unknown coin possibly spanish 1600 Unknown
1834 halfpenny, fair grade, large 4 in date 1834 United Kingdom
1835 farthing aF grade, some nice details, st andruse cross incuse 1835 United Kingdom
1874 H R over R farthing 1874 United Kingdom
1924 EF farthing, great portrait on here 1924 United Kingdom
1956 halfpenny 1956 United Kingdom
1951 proof crown 1951 United Kingdom
1946 shilling English reverse A 1946 United Kingdom
EF 1895 penny 1895 United Kingdom
Alexius III, Angelus-Comnenus, 1195 - 1203 AD. Billon Aspron Trachy. Bust of Christ facing,... 1195 United Kingdom